Monday, June 29, 2009

Father's Day

Here are some pictures from Father's Day with Nana and Papa.....also a few at the end that snuck their way into my Father's Day folder but are cute.

Father's Day

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pictures of #2

Here's a link to our ultrasound pictures of baby #2, check out the adorable profile shots. I love him.

Sick Boy

Things I like about James being sick:

1) Lots of cuddles

2) He wants his mama all the time...lately he's been more of an independent little guy but when he's not feeling well it's all mama, all the time.

3) Kisses out of nowhere and unprompted hugs that last for minutes on end.

4) James' sick sounds funny but when he's sick he has this pitiful little puffy faced look about him that makes my heart melt, poor baby.

Things I don't like about James being sick:

1) That James is sick. I hate knowing that he doesn't feel well and that there's nothing I can really do to take away the pain. I finally understand what she meant when my Mom used to tell me that she wished she could be sick instead of me when I was little.

2) His random crying fits that last for 20 minutes and have no discernible cure.

3) No sleep! Getting up every two hours at night with a crying boy who can't be soothed.

4) Fevers! I hate it when James has a fever. Fever's scare me and make my little boy act like a zombie, I hate them.

So we've been battling what turned out to be a throat infection (not strep, thank goodness, just a sore throat) and a fever for the past few days but it looks like James is finally on the mend. After two bad nights of sleep and two hard feverish days James is sleeping through the night again and appears to be back to his normal self. I'm looking forward to a nice weekend with a happy boy.

Monday, June 22, 2009

It's a boy!

Well it's official, we are a family of boys...for now anyway. We had our ultrasound this morning and got to see our new little guy and all his parts. Baby #2 appears to be healthy and active with a big ole tummy just like his big brother James.

We don't have a name yet, although we probably won't share that until #2 arrives, but we're overjoyed at the news of another son.

I feel so honored that the Lord has given us another little man to raise and shepherd. I pray that this little guy will grow to be a mighty man of God who follows Jesus and serves others before himself. I pray that he grows to be a strong but humble man and a wonderful father just like his own Daddy.

So there you have it, we are a boy household for sure, bring on the trucks, swords and army men!


James is asleep and I am anxiously awaiting our doctor's appt this morning where we get to see our new little miracle on screen and hopefully find out if we have another sweet boy on our hands or a little beauty of a girl.

It's quiet in our house, Ryan is off at work and all I can hear is a bird outside my window and the subtle humming of my computer. Everything is very still, sort of like in a movie when you know something really big is about to happen but for the moment the screen is silent and the scene is still. That's how I feel. Something really big is about to happen, we're about to meet our newest child, our newest gift from the Lord, but in this moment just stillness.

I know I am pregnant, I can look down and see my growing belly and feel the slight aches and pains that come with my changing form but it dawned on me yesterday at church that I still don't really believe it. I can't really comprehend that our little three person family is going to look different in just a few months. I am overjoyed of course, in fact every time I see a baby now I feel warm inside knowing I will have another one soon, but a piece of me doesn't fully understand.

Also, if I am totally honest, a tiny part of me is a little bit sad...but just a tiny part. James has been my sidekick for the past 15 months and we have become pretty used to our routine and our dynamic, and that's all about to change. Although I couldn't imagine James being an only child, nor would I want to only have one child, I am a little sad that our alone time is about to end.

But, as with everything in life, things have to change and really what a wonderful change, right?! A new baby, boy or girl, is an amazing gift. I can already see the excitement in Ryan's eyes when we talk about holding our newest little one (he loves babies) and remember how precious it was to hold and cuddle James at that age. I also can't wait to see James as a big brother and watch our family grow and change. We are all going to learn a lot from this new baby and I can't wait to see what that looks like.

So, I praise Jesus for our new little one and anxiously await his or her arrival into our lives. I'll try to post this afternoon as well to let you all know what kind of baby we have this time around but I'm putting my money on another sweet boy.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our morning told through the eyes of James

*Wake up, look around the room 6:45 am *

"Da da da, roaaaar, tttttt, chchchchchch...." Maybe I'll roll around a bit and make some more noise so they'll come get me.

*Mom enters the room 6:50 am*

What's that noise, someone just turned off my fan! Oh it's the yellow haired Dada. *Big smile* I like her.

*Diaper change*

Hey crazy lady, what are you doing taking off my pants!

Whoa there's a lion on my pants! "ROOOOAAAR!" Oh and a monkey! "AHH AHHH AHH."

Hey now that you've taken the diaper off I feel kind of free. Oh yeah, and there's that thing down there that's so fun to grab...wait no, don't put the diaper back on, ahhhhhhh, you always ruin my fun.

What's that, oh yeah it's the dark haired Dada. *Big smile* I like him.

*Later in the morning after Ryan left for work*

Why does the yellow haired Dada keep trying to get me to call her Mama, is she crazy, her name's Dada?

Annie: "James can you say Ma Ma? MMMMAAAA, MMMMAAA."

James: "Dada."

Annie: "Ugh, well you'll get it some day."

*Later in the morning while I vacuum.*

What is she doing? Ooooohhhhh she has that fun red machine that makes all the noise, I love that thing....and I'm also kind of terrified of it.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (high pitched scream)." It got too close to me.

Now what's that thing doing? Oh no it's eating all the cheerios that I specifically left on the floor for later, hey you big bully I was going to eat those!

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh (another high pitched scream)."

Well I'm going to go play in the other room if that's how things are going to be. Harrumph.

*And that's been our morning told through the eyes of James.*

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ball Fun

Sorry for the blog silence folks, life has been good but busy. I'll try to post a substantial update on our little family in a day or two but for now here's a video of our little guy to tide you over.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

So Cute

James and I visited the Connolly family earlier this week to see their new baby boy and James had a fabulous time playing Elias. Here are a few shots of them hugging.

Monday, June 1, 2009