Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Please install more cell phone towers in Montana

Ryan is on his yearly trip to Montana with "the boys" to fly fish, go to the rodeo (he is actually friends with one of the guys who competes) and generally spend time with dudes out in the wilderness. I am so thankful that he gets to take this trip each year because it is rejuvenating for him and gives him some much needed peace and quiet. The only trouble with Montana however is that the cell service seems to be few and far between so as a consequence I haven't talked to my husband in two days. I am sure he is doing just fine but it sure would be nice to hear his voice.

Meanwhile I am in California with James visiting my parents and working beside my mom with our dueling computers (she also works out of her home). I am really enjoying my time here and James is getting some great time with his Gigi and his Bapa but I still miss my husband.....did I mention that I haven't talked to him in two days?

So pray for Ryan and pray for me, this is going to be a long week.

Friday, July 25, 2008


James meets Aunt Meghann

James and the Hendoos (Daniel -6 days old)

Family Fun

(More) Nana B & Grandpa Robbo


Funny things happen at 4:00am......

Last night(morning?)at 4:00am James decided it was time to wake up and play, which he has never done before. Usually when James wakes up at crazy hours such as this he is in the mood for food and then back to sleep. I know that some babies wake up in the middle of the night and desire playtime but James has just never been that kind of kid.....until now.

Last night James woke up with his usual grunts and growls so I walked into his room (oh yeah, by the way James is sleeping in his own room now!) only to find a sweet little smile and a ball of energy. After a few failed attempts at getting him back to sleep I let him lie next to me on the guest bed (which is in his room) and coo as I tried to doze a bit.

Well I am so glad that I didn't doze too hard because as I lay there watching my little boy an incredible thing happened. For weeks now James has been rolling onto his side but not quite figuring out how to do the complete roll from back to front because his arm gets in the way. So as I lay there watching him wiggle and flail he suddenly rolled onto his side, then onto his tummy, and then he got that darn arm out of the way....COMPLETE ROLL OVER SUCCESS!

I was sort of shocked when it happened because it felt huge. This is one of those parent moments that you treasure and love because you are getting a front row seat at the development and growth of your little one. I realize that rolling over is small in the grand scheme but in my little world this was monumental.

Soon however, the shock wore off and turned to excitement and I immediately thought "Ryan has to see this!" So at 4:15(ish)am I took the boy into our room, woke Ryan up with the news and we both lay there watching young James.

Of course this is the part where I am supposed to tell you that James didn't roll over again for Dad and we are all supposed to feel a little bit disappointed........well that's not what happened at all. James did roll over again and Ryan got to see it! What a fabulous performer, maybe we should start auditioning him for TV and movies....just kidding.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

James, Nana B, and the silly hat

Here's a video of James with his Nana B, click play and enjoy!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Welcome Baby Daniel

Welcome to the world Daniel Johan Hendrickson!

As of yesterday at 7:05am James has a new buddy in the world. Daniel is weighing in at 8lbs 3oz and 19.75 inches long, but sooner than we know it he and James will be running circles around us all.

Congratulation Kyle and Ann, we praise the Lord for the amazing blessing that is your son.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Incredible Scooting Boy!

Here is some time lapse photography of James scooting backwards. Clearly I was not on the ball because I missed a few big scoots but you get the picture.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I love Ryan

I always love my husband but today I am feeling especially thankful for this man.

I love him because he helps me get a few more minutes of sleep in the morning by taking James downstairs to play while I snooze alone for a bit.

I love him because he always charges my cell phone for me because I am so completely incompetent in that department and without him it would always be dead.

I love him because when I call him during the day he always answers his end with "Hello my beautiful wife!"

I love him because he calls me "Pretty Girl" more than Annie and probably will even when we're 90.

I love him because he loves me even when I have had three hours of sleep and I am not acting very lovable.

I love him because he loves our son so completely.

Thank you Ryan for loving me the way that you do.