Friday, March 28, 2008

More Photos...MORE PHOTOS!

JRS Day #2

James Ryan Singletary

James Ryan Singletary

He's here! We're still busy as can be but we'll post some updates soon.
  • March 26, 2008
  • 9:03am
  • 8lbs. 1oz.
  • 20.5 in.
  • 10 big fingers.
  • 10 long toes.
One bundle of joy, Amen.


Monday, March 24, 2008

No baby yet.....

Just wanted to update the blog reading world that the baby has not yet arrived but we are praying he will be here soon. My Mom is in town staying with us until the baby comes and I know she misses her husband a great deal so pray that little man Singletary will arrive soon not only so we can finally meet him, but also so my Mom can go home soon to be with her husband and deal with the aftermath of the fire.

Other than that I am feeling pretty good and having little pains here and there that I hope mean labor is on the horizon. Love you all and thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

37 Week Bare Belly

Annie @ 37 Weeks (bare baby belly!)

Overt your eyes if you do not want to see a big bare belly! Here are some pictures of me (and my hubby again) at 37 weeks.

36 Week Belly

Annie @ 36 Weeks

Here we are at 36 weeks.

35 Week Belly

Annie @ 35 Weeks

Here are some pictures of me (and my fabulous husband) when I was 35 weeks along.

Wenatchee Baby Shower

Wenatchee Baby Shower

Sorry I forgot to put these up sooner but here are some pictures from a baby shower that we had in Wenatchee late last month. The ladies in the pictures are mostly mothers of Ryan's friends from high school as well as my wonderful mother-in-law. It was a great day and everyone was so darn generous.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Fire

Last night my parents' house burned down.....sound so strange to put it that way. My Mom and Tom are both just fine (no physical harm) and they were able to get their dogs out as well as some very important paperwork for the adoption. Praise the Lord!

From talking to my Mom it sounds like their home is completely uninhabitable and most of their belongings are gone. Please pray for my parents and this situation that they find themselves in. Although they are both very strong believers and have complete faith in Jesus I know that the next few weeks/months will be hard.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Little Varsha

Here is a very recent picture of our new little sister Varsha. Right now Varsha is still in India but my parents hope to be able to bring her home to California in the next six months or so. Please pray that the paperwork will go through quickly and that my parents will be able to bring Varsha home as soon as possible. Right now Varsha lives in an orphanage in India that doesn't have the best living conditions so the sooner my Mom and Tom can pick her up the sooner she will be away from that place.

Family and Friends

Ryan and I were at our bible study this week and towards the end of the evening after we had wrapped up our discussion and prayed a final prayer we all moved onto chatting in the kitchen, as is often the case. It struck me later that night when I was getting ready for bed that the Lord has given Ryan and I an amazing gift that I often overlook…..the gift of great friends.

Ryan and I have both been blessed with very loving families who support us without question however both of our immediate families are at least a long car ride away and so our friends have become increasingly important. As I went to bed that night I couldn’t help but think about the remarkable people that the Lord has put in our lives in years past and specifically our wonderful Church family. I feel like God has really equipped us with a great support system of people who not only love and care for us but also for our unborn little man.

When we were in the kitchen chatting after group I looked at the people around me and thought about how I trust these people and I know that if we need help in any way with the baby or anything else, they will be at our side. A number of these people have already offered up their time for babysitting and have made it so clear that they cannot wait to become a part of our little guy’s life. They love our baby!

So, I thank the Lord for giving us a wonderful family but also a wonderful group of friends. We have been blessed with people that may not be blood related but that feel like family and love us and are willing to sacrifice for us as family does.