Wednesday, July 29, 2009

24 Weeks

I am just about 24 weeks pregnant and Seattle is having a heat wave, ugh! We had a record high today of something like 104 degrees and no one has AC, yikes. So we're trying to stay cool as best we can and not let the heat drive this preggo too crazy
Here's a belly update photo and one of the Singletarys trying to stay cool at a friend's lake house.
James giving his baby brother a kiss.

Trying to stay cool in the lake.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maui Pics

Here are our photos from Hawaii.You will notice that I have edited out all of the beach shots of myself.....or at least those where I'm in a bathing suit. Trust me people, this is for your own protection.



Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And we're back!

My two week blog hiatus is officially over. We're back from a week in California and then another week in Maui, wow!

Both trips were a jumble of extreme fun and wonderful time with family as well as craziness and chaos with the little man. Some plane trips were great, while others actually brought me to tears for fear that they would never end. But we made it back safe and sound.

In the past two weeks I've learned that I'm a little more of a homebody than I thought I was but I'm ok with that. I've also learned that babies and sand are an amazing combination and I love to watch my son play endlessly with the little granules of sandy goodness. Thanks for the sand God!

We have lots of pictures and I'm sure lots of stories but the camera is with Ryan at work right now and I'm a little foggy from a nap so story telling is out. What I can say is that I am so very thankful to my family who made both of these trips possible (especially my sister and her incredible husband for whisking us away to Maui!) and thank you to my husband who takes such good care of me.

Since I don't have vacation photos yet here are a few of James and his buddy Danny that I meant to post before we left two weeks ago: